SLS History



Our firm was officially founded via co-operating with many other firms in Istanbul, in the fields of producing metal boxes and panels. SLS Engineering will keep on both of its domestic and international services and become one of the few visionary firms in its home country.
SLS History

Our aim is not only to produce something but also produce practical products.

We have taken the first steps of creating SLS Engineering’s product groups via presenting our, specially produced, electronic panel industry goods to the end users of the industry.

These are the 3 ethical values we had while producing our products and determining the quality lines of our future products.


Domestic Production, Economic, Eco-friendly

With the help of the market power, good image and references we had in the Turkish market, we managed to start operating internationally. We made sales of metal, steel and wooden market equipment in many European countries, mainly in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

In order to determine the possible needs of the market, we created an R&D position inside our factory and started the necessary test works for our own products and for other private projects.

Our belief is, every project is possible to produce somehow.  Every project is being produced in short-term or long-term. However, it takes a lot of experience to be able to operate with the 3 ethical values SLS Engineering has. Our firm has managed to add lots of worldwide brands to its references via expanding in its home market and keep being loyal to domestic, economic and eco-friendly production.

Every company can offer what is asked. SLS Engineering, on the other hand, makes projects by combining the satisfaction and experience.

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